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    March 2012 Page 1 of 3

    Best Friends

    Friends Who Are Tied Together, Stay Together

    Tying these ladies together with shiny red fabric really helps to show just how good of friends they are! Bravo fauxtog, bravo…

    Look Out Kid

    Why anyone would want a picture in which it appears their child is about to be hit by a car is beyond me. At least the fauxtog didn’t…

    trash river

    Trash River

    Nothing ruins a nice snowy river shot like some floating trash. Is that a Doritos’s bag?

    rainbow bright

    Somewhere Over The Rainbow

    Somewhere over the rainbow, there’s a horrible fauxtog.


    It’s a Bouquet!

    Notice the bouquet?

    blur bump

    Fauxtog Finest

    We think this one speaks for itself.

    Cute Enough To Cook

    Cute Enough To… Cook?

    Adds a whole new meaning to “cute enough to eat” when you throw them in a pot!

    blur cat

    Dust Bunny

    This fauxtog boasts 20 years of photography experience and features this POS photo in his section of “Animals”. Since he didn’t even get the whole kitten in his…

    Koolaid Blue River

    Kool-Aid River

    Another beauty from the man who only takes and edits his photos with his iPhone! Can you believe it? Yep, so can we.