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Scary Floating Belly


The font says 1990s gansta. The large belly in the middle of the photo looks like a beer belly to me. She’s carrying a gangsta in her beer belly, only explanation I can come up with.

So Many Questions


And this is why this site exists. What the hell is the black thing the baby is holding that disappears to the foreground? What’s with the random red on baby’s hand? Why isn’t the picture in focus? I could keep asking the questions until next Christmas and never understand.

This Ring Has Powers


Don’t take the ring!!! It turns people yellow. Well, actually I suppose yellow is a step up from blah tone, so hurry, grab the ring.

Tiny Toes


That shadow is killing me. I bet the fauxtog saw the lighting was horrible, and thought, “I know I’ll change it to black and white–that fixes everything.” Unfortunately, it also doesn’t fix the awkward positioning of the feet and random ruffles peeking out.

The Birds and the Bees


We don’t need a replay of how the baby was made in a maternity picture.