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    February 2012 Page 1 of 2

    Scary Floating Belly

    The font says 1990s gansta. The large belly in the middle of the photo looks like a beer belly to me. She’s carrying a gangsta in her beer…

    So Many Questions

    And this is why this site exists. What the hell is the black thing the baby is holding that disappears to the foreground? What’s with the random red…

    This Ring Has Powers

    Don’t take the ring!!! It turns people yellow. Well, actually I suppose yellow is a step up from blah tone, so hurry, grab the ring.

    Tiny Toes

    That shadow is killing me. I bet the fauxtog saw the lighting was horrible, and thought, “I know I’ll change it to black and white–that fixes everything.” Unfortunately,…

    The Birds and the Bees

    We don’t need a replay of how the baby was made in a maternity picture.

    I do…

    …use super ugly backgrounds.

    Larger Than Life

    Just what every woman wants. If she’s pregnant–I’m assuming that’s what the heart hands mean–she already feels like she’s swallowed Shamu, no reason to do this to her.

    Groupon Seems to Support False Advertising

    Groupon knew this photographer was using pictures from another photog to advertise her services on their site. (Link in sentence above, anything that follows is an embedded ad,…

    Mommy to be?

    Besides the bracelet which tells us, “mommy to be,” I don’t get pregnancy from this. You can barely tell it’s a belly.