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    January 2012 Page 1 of 4


    Double Chin

    That angle would make Twiggy look like she has a double chin. Also, come on, photos AND woodcrafts?


    Jaw Dropping

    I literally felt my jaw drop when I opened this one. How could you ever think this was good? There’s no way.


    He’s Got Guts

    That’s ballsy to sell a washed out photo of a random child that you edited in GIMP.


    Love Is…

    Are you sure? Because I thought love was about getting your pictures taken by a fauxtographer that obviously must use Picassa to edit her images.


    She’s Got to Be Freezing

    Times like this I wish I knew how to yodel. Isn’t she cold?


    Trailer Ring

    Did the fauxtog not notice the car on a trailer in the background?


    The Family That Blurs Together…

    Hi, yes, we’d like our family photo taken, but we want to be blurred out so that we look bad. Just focus on the cute kid, please. I’m…


    In a World without Picnik, What Happens to the New Fauxtogs?

    Of course she was using the site to start off her “career.” It’s what all reputable photogs do, right?


    So Bad, It’s Kinda Good

    This is so bad, it’s kinda good. I can totally see that ugly 70s/80s furniture coming back and being popular with hipsters. And lighting, smiting.